The ultimate guide to Asian massage spa near me 2023

The ultimate guide to Asian massage spa near me 2023

Being Asian, we love to do some massage and spa services. Asian massage spa near me is a very interesting question on Google. In this guide, we will take you on a brief tour of all the essential information about spa services near me. Moreover, we are all searching the related information about Asian massage spas and other services. Although, I spent many hours researching each country while I was living there. So, let’s get started here:

Primer on Asian massage spa near me:

Massage therapy is an integral part of the traditional holistic system of Ayurvedic healing. In Asia, massage is very common in some countries. They have very relaxing massages and therapies etc. Moreover, it all started in modern-day India more than five thousand years ago. From India, the practice of massage as a part of medical treatment spread to ancient China and Egypt also. Furthermore, massage and spa services also get interesting in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Once it hit Europe, it is only a matter of time before it reached the US. However, massage and spa is slowly becoming an expensive treatment only common in short bursts at the chiropractor.

What is the reason massages in Asia are so cheap? — Asian massage spa near me

Asian massage spa near me

Well, these factors are defining both cultural and economic. Moreover, all Asian countries have some of their historical cultural and influence from either Indian Hinduism or Chinese Buddhism. Besides, the Balinese island of Indonesia is also known for Balinese massage. This message has been heavily influenced by Balinese Hinduism.

Famous Massages and Spas—- Asian massage spa near me:

There are so many famous and good massage and spa centers in entire Asia.

Balinese Massage and Asian massage spa near me:

Balinese massage has so many features. This famous massage has a light touch relative to Thai massage. Moreover, it has focused on the individual’s needs. More than that, this massage includes a scented oil of some kind to ease the deep-tissue techniques as well.

Ayurvedic massage and Asian massage spa near me:

We can say that Ayurvedic massage is more similar to Balinese. This message has some Indian roots. Moreover, this massage has focused on using both oils & herbs. Ayurvedic massage can be easily chosen for the client’s specific needs as well. It has swift strokes and it has executed with the goal of both relaxation and nourishment as well.

Lastly, we should know that even though there will be no happy endings discussed here. We should still get ready to get completely nude. In many countries in Asia, especially Vietnam and Malaysia, we’re expecting to get completely nude and put on a pair of paper panties (you, too, men) before his or her massage.

But, if our underwear is full-coverage, then we recommend that just keep on our underwear and remove everything as well. There are more massage tips and tricks.

Country by Country Guide—- Asian massage spa near me:

Asian massage spa near me

Massages in the Philippines:

It was the first Asian country that we should visit on our vacation. Moreover, it is still one of the best places to get a massage in Asia near me. With over 7000 islands and several major hubs, there are so many thousands of massage spots on the beaches. Furthermore, the spa is very famous for its massages in the Philippines.

Their prices are remarkably similar no matter what their locals find, as the beaches in the Philippines tend to be lined with upscale resorts.

This country has so many beaches and also has so many massage centers. They are generally done on cloth-covered cots set up underneath huts. Moreover, they have offered until the late hours of the night as well. Their massage prices are based on what type of massage we have requested.

Massage Style in the Philippines:

Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage

Massage Prices:

250-400PHP an hour ($5-8USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

100PHP ($2USD)

Best Places for Massages:

Spas in resorts and major domestic tourism spots, like Bohol and Boracay.

Massages and spa center in Indonesia (Bali only) — Asian massage spa near me

Typical Balinese massage table in Ubud.

While we are getting a massage, then unless something is painful or uncomfortable for everyone. Moreover, many people don’t generally notice the exact techniques as well. But in Bali, it is partly because Balinese massage and this massage has become so customizable. This massage become the most traditional approach. Furthermore, they have been largely lost in the touristic shuffle as well.

Additionally, there is a typical Balinese massage that combines light reflexology. They have acupressure, aromatherapy, and deep muscle stimulation as well.

Also, we are following a normal massage on Bali we’ll be offered water or tea, and given some time to get dressed or even shower off any excess oil.

Massage Style:

Balinese Massage

Massage Prices:

90,000-130,000IDR ($7-10USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

50,000IDR ($3.50USD)

Best Places for Massages:

The major tourist hubs like Seminyak, Ubud, and Kuta will have the most options for all massage lovers.

Massages in Thailand—- Asian massage spa near me

Sukhothai Lobby Salon chocolate Buffet calm

Thailand’s massage and its culture are most familiar to all tourists. Moreover, Thai massage has become famous around the world. Moreover, many years of experience from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui. Then, this massage has become more customizable over the last decade as well.

Furthermore, Thailand has become the destination where we can get a strong & stretching sports massage or a light-touch foot massage in the same spot.

Massage Style:

Thai Massage

Massage Prices:

250-400THB ($8-13USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

100THB ($3USD)

Thanks in Thai:

khawp khun ka (women), khawp khun khap (men)

Best Places for Massages:

Major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Massages in Malaysia

Asian massage spa near me

As we all know that, Malaysia is highly influenced by its historical migration from India and China massage therapies. They have roughly 23% of Malaysians are of Chinese heritage alone. And later on. Malaysia is making the second-largest ethnic group in Asia.

Additionally, Malaysia is one of the more developed countries in Asia as well. However, Malaysia is very famous for its Thai massage parlors.

Massage Style:

Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy

Massage Prices:

40-80RM ($10-18USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

10RM ($2.50USD) or 25% of the massage cost

Best Places For massages:

Major cities on the peninsula, like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, will have the most spas for massages.

Massages in Vietnam

Vietnamese massage tends to be more holistic and powerful massage. It also includes the parts of the body. Moreover, massage and many types of therapies may affect that area of focus. For example, most Vietnamese masseuses will loosen tension in the shoulders, calves, and hands at various points during a foot massage as well. They are very relaxing and calm.

Massage Style:

Deep Tissue, Swedish massage

Massage Prices:

đ250,000-450,000 ($11-19USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

 đ50,000 ($2USD)

Thanks In Vietnamese:

 cảm ơn (pronounced “gam-uhn”)

Best Places for Massages:

Famous tourist cities like Saigon, Hanoi, and Hoi An. Moreover, they will have the most spas along the main streets of Vietnam.

Massages in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the famous and most prominent countries in Asia. This country is famous for its beaches massage and spa. They are offering many types of therapies and massages of the body.

However, there are luckily a lot more options inland. Most Sri Lankan spas are clustered in highly-Tourist areas. Moreover, they are especially along the beach but not on the beach.

Massage Style:


Massage Prices:

3,000-5,000SLR ($15-26USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

 1,000SLR ($5USD)

Best Places for Massages:

 Along the beach or in Ella or Kandy

Massages in India

India is considered an ideal home to the famous Ayurvedic massage as well. Moreover, it has an ancient approach to balancing the body as part of a holistic healing regimen. With Ayurveda massage, the focus is on the movement over and into our skin. Furthermore, it is relieving muscle tension and massages in herbs & oils rather than light touches to put us to sleep.

Massage Style:


Massage Prices:

Rs.1000-4000 ($14-55USD)

Minimum (Polite) Tip:

 500Rs. per hour or 25% massage cost

Best Places for Massages:

We should always go to a spa, of which there are many in all the major cities & tourist destinations as well.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where is the cheapest massage in Asia?

Ans: The cheapest massage in Asia is in Vietnam and the Philippines. Moreover, this massage has starting price of $ 5-6 USD per hour.

2: Which Asian country has the most expensive massages?

Ans: Asian countries where we can get massages in all the major cities like Singapore and other prominent cities. However, it is the most expensive at $60USD+ per hour.

3: How can I get an easily located Asian massage spa near me?

Ans: We can easily get located an Asian massage spa near me on Google Maps. Also, we can easily get more ideas about spa and massage centers in these countries in Asia.

The Final Words:

Asian massage spa near me is the best idea for locating all the prominent massage centers in Asia. Moreover, we can easily go and search according to our budget. They easily booked our slot.

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