How to Silently Discover Hidden Activities on WhatsApp With Spy Apps

How to Silently Discover Hidden Activities on WhatsApp With Spy Apps

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most widely used messaging services, with over two billion users. While it offers a range of options for sharing and communicating. This app is popular in every age group. There are a lot of what’s apps groups for study and also friends groups. Kids share content with their friends directly or through WhatsApp groups. Sometimes, innocent kids share too much information, which can cause them harm later. Like sharing personal stuff with new group members privately, which you never met in real life. Thinking them to be your friend. These things should be monitored to save our loved ones from any harm.

As you know, we can’t physically watch our kids all the time. For this purpose, we have spy apps now. So, if you want to know how to discover hidden activities on WhatsApp silently, the spy apps like TheOneSpy and TheOneSpy app should be the prime choices.

What are Spy Apps?

Spy apps monitor a target person and their online activities, what they do all the time on their devices. These apps will be helpful for parents who want to know what their kids are doing online. Also, it is a beneficial tool for employers. Spy apps help them see what their employees share on social media during office hours. These apps offer many features, some of which are discussed below.

Spy Apps

Call recorder:

Apps like TheOneSpy will allow you to record WhatsApp calls and other calls without their knowledge. You can save them and hear later if you are busy. Also, you can use it for proof.

GPS tracker:

Spy apps will help you monitor the live location of a target person on WhatsApp. You can see where your kid is going with their friends.


Some spy apps like TheOneSpy offer another amazing feature named geo-fencing. This feature allows you to set up a safe area for your kids or employees. So that when they leave that area, you will get a notification.

Screen Recorder:

This feature will help you record the screen of the target person’s phone when using WhatsApp. It will help you when you are busy. You record the screen and watch it later.

Screen capture:

You can also take screenshots remotely with the help of the spy app screenshot feature. In this way, you can take screenshots of the deleted pictures and messages the sender or receiver deleted.

Key logger feature:

This feature will help you to record the letters the target person presses on their keyboard. You can record and see what they are typing and get their passwords using this feature. Thus, all the chat history, contact details, and the search for stickers and GIFs can be monitored easily.

Message monitoring:

The tragedy question of everyone is how to read someone elses text messages. You can read and send messages from the target person’s phone. This can be done remotely using your mobile device.

Mic Recorder:

Monitoring apps like TheOneSpy and TheOneSpy spy apps offer another feature, i.e., mic bug. If your loved ones are stuck in a situation where they can’t speak and cannot contact you, this feature will help you hear their surroundings using their phone’s mic. Discover hidden WhatsApp activities and ensure your loved ones are safe and secure.

Camera Bug Feature:

The feature gives control of the target phone’s camera. This feature will help you in a situation when your loved ones are not answering your calls, and you are worried about them.

Spy apps will also help you to access the gallery of the target person’s phone. You can see pictures and videos saved from different social media apps. Spy apps also allow you to access the hidden folder. You can also see the pictures deleted from the social media app but saved in the gallery.

In the end, I must say that Social media apps are very helpful and easy to use and have become a part of our lives. But for the kids, if we supervise and check their use, we can make the online world safe and better for everyone. With their amazing features, these spy apps will help us achieve this goal. This way, we can save our kids from online predators and cyberbullies. The tools cover many other social media apps besides WhatsApp. Android and iPhone users can both enjoy the services easily.

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