Blooket Join | Step-by-Step Guide of 2023

Blooket Join | Step-by-Step Guide of 2023

Blooket Join is an amazing app for all students and teachers also. We have heard all about this amazing app. We should join this app once in our life. Moreover, we must hear from our student fellow or teachers as well. We are ready to set up our own game for our class and students. Great! This is an easy-to-use platform for creating fun review games and activities to engage students as well. However, in this article, we are going to tell you every step to joining this amazing learning app. We will be joining live games and creating our own custom sets for any topic.

Moreover, this step-by-step guide will walk us through creating an account and setting up our first live game as well. We will also be building custom sets and inviting students and classes to play. Although, before we know it we’ll be the most popular teacher on campus. So, let’s get started!

What is Blooket Join?

Blooket  is an educational game that is based on learning specially. Moreover, this is the best platform that is used by over 5 million students and teachers worldwide. This app is also offering an interactive learning game. This app is specially designed for all grades of students and teachers. Also, it has a variety of activities for all ages that make learning fun and easy.

How does Blooket join work?

Blooket Join

As we all know, Blooket has a variety of games in different categories like geography, science, math, and spelling.

Moreover, we can play alone or with others. These games are providing an engaging way to study topics from our curriculum.

To get started with Blooket join:

Create an account:

We should go to and then sign up for a free teacher or student account. Enter our name, email, password, and role (teacher or student) as well.

Explore the games:

We should check out the variety of games like Gold Quest (math), Factory (engineering), and Aquarium (ecosystems).

Join a class:

If you are a student, you should enter the join code provided by your teacher to join Blooket class. Moreover, teachers can also create and join codes for each class.

Play and learn:

If we are a student then we should select a game to play. We should answer questions correctly to earn points and then compete against others. The games challenge students and teachers to apply what they have learned in a fun interactive way.

Track student progress:

Blooket Join is providing performance reports so that we can see how we are improving over time. Also, teachers can view class reports to determine areas that may need re-teaching methods.

Subsequently, with a variety of subjects and engaging gameplay, this app makes learning an adventure. This platform will give it a try and he will be having too much fun realizing new ways of learning!

Creating your Blooket join account:

Blooket Join

To join the fun learning platform, we’ll need to create an account. Here’s how:

Signing Up:

We should click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner to get started on this app. We will be asked for some basic info like our name, email address, and password.

Once a student has entered his details then he can check his email for a verification link. He should click that link to confirm his email and activate his account.

Personalizing Profile:

Next, we will want to personalize our profile. Then we should add an avatar or profile photo so our classmates recognize us. Moreover, we can also choose a screen name if we prefer not to use our real name.

About me:

In the “About Me” section share some of our interests with other players as well. For example say we may enjoy basketball, drawing, coding, reading, or gaming. Also, we should mention all our hobbies to find players with similar interests.

Finding Friends:

This is one of the best parts of the Blooket app. Through this app, we can play live games with our family and friends. On our profile page, enter the join codes for any classes or groups as well. Besides, we’re part of instantly connecting with our classmates.

We can also search for friends by name or interests. Moreover, we should send them a friend request. Once they accept, we’ll see when our friends are online and join the games they’re playing as well. However, we’ll quickly build up our friend network!

With our profile set up and some friends added we’re ready to start playing Blooket games through this amazing app.

Joining Existing Blooket join games:

Blooket Join

To join an existing Blooket game, a student needs an invite code from the game host. Moreover, the host creates the game and then sets the rules. Thus, they can share the invite code with players they want to join.

Finding the Invite Code

The host is providing the invite code to share with us. It may be given verbally texted or emailed to us. We should write down the invite code exactly as it’s provided to us.

Entering the Invite Code

Once we have the invite code open the Blooket Join app or website and select “Join Game”. We should enter the invite code into the field provided as well. Moreover, we should double-check that we’ve entered the code correctly before clicking “Join”.

Waiting for the Host

After entering the invite code w will see a message saying that we’re waiting for the host to start the game. Also, the host controls when the game begins so we may have to wait a few minutes. Moreover, we must feel free to chat with other players who have already joined this app.

Hosting Own Blooket join Game:

Once we’ve joined this app and created our first game then he will probably want to host a game for others to play. Moreover, we should be hosting a game on this app then it is easy and allows us to play live with friends, family, students, or coworkers as well.

To host Blooket join the game:

Create a Game

Login to and click “Create New Game”

Choose a game type like Quiz Race, Gold Quest or Pickit

Then you should select a theme and then add questions. Moreover, for a quiz, enter at least 10 multiple-choice questions. For other game types, add rewards and power-ups.

Click “Save” to save our new game

Start a Live Game on Blooket join:

Blooket Join

You should go to the “My Games” tab and click “Host Live Game” next to the game you want to host.

A new window will pop up with a game code as well. We should share this code with the other players so they can join.

As hosts, we can start the game, end rounds, give extra time, and view results as well.

Moreover, play through all the rounds in our game. In the end, the top players will receive a trophy in-game!

Tips and Tricks for Blooket Join:

Once we have joined this app, here are some tips to get the most out of the platform:

Complete daily quests:

This app offers daily quests with rewards like coins, gems, and loot boxes. We should complete these quick challenges to earn goodies and level up our account. Some examples are:

Play 3 games

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: What are Open 2 loot boxes?

Ans: Open 2 loot boxes is a part of this amazing app. In this section, we are completing all our daily quests. This is an easy way to progress in the game without a huge time.

2: How can we connect with friends through this app?

Ans: Blooket Join allows us to connect with friends and see their activity in the game. We can add friends by username or by sharing friend codes. Moreover, we are connecting with friends.

We should see when they complete quests or unlock achievements as well. Moreover, we should send each other gifts like loot boxes, gems, or coins.

3: How can we play live games on Blooket join?

Ans: In addition to the single-player games, this app is offering live multiplayer games that we can join. These include classics like:

Gold Quest:

We should race to collect the most gold before time runs out as well.

Blook Rush:

We should and must try to get the highest score by matching blooks join.

4: What is a Blooket join?

Ans: It is an interactive educational platform. This app allows students and teachers to create, play, and share games. Moreover, it is a fun way to engage with learning material promoting teamwork and healthy competition among classmates. Although, it is a fun and interactive educational game that engages students in various subjects as well.

The Final Words:

By joining Blooket join, we’re all set to get our Blooket app. Now that we have created our account, joined our first game, and explored all the different game modes as well. We are well on our way to hours of fun and learning. Moreover, if you are a teacher and you are looking to engage our students or a student excited to review topics interactively.

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