15 best Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi

15 best Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi

Suppose you are an avid lover of traveling and food. Then you are at an excellent place to read a complete guide about Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi. Moreover, if you want a tasty and colorful dish, Salvadoreno’s food is perfect. Then, your eating habit brings back memories of an exciting community. However, this Salvadoran food is ideal for everyone. Therefore, if we have planned to travel to the United States of America but want to stay with these delicious and tempting dishes, in this guide, we will take you all the details of this valuable and exciting guide about the best restaurants near me.

Table of Contents

  • 1: What do you know about Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi?
  • 2: 2: How to find Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi?
  • 2.1: Google Maps
  • 2.2: TripAdvisor:
  • 2.3: Yelp
  • 2.4: Foursquare
  • 5: OpenTable:
  • 3: The 15 Best Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi
  • 3.1: Mi Pequeno El Salvador Restaurant
  • 3.2: Bahia Restaurant
  • 3.3: Coffee Omelette:
  • 3.4: El Rinconcito Cafe
  • 3.5: El Salvador Restaurant
  • 3.6: Mama Rosa Pupuseria
  • 3.7: The Salvadoran Corner
  • 3.8: Monse’s Pupuseria
  • 3.9: Pupuseria and Salvadoran Restaurant
  • 3.10: El Papaturro Restaurant:
  • 3.11: Restaurant El Salvadoreño
  • 3.12: El Salvador Restaurant:
  • 3.13: Los Cabos The Pupusa House
  • 3.14: San Salvador Restaurant
  • 3.15: Salvadoran Restaurant
  • 4: FAQs
  • 5: The Final Words

What do you know about Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi?

Salvadoreno is the best Spanish food in the entire United States of America. Also, there is a large variety of Salvadoran restaurant food there. Moreover, these Spanish restaurants offer us their most delicious dishes. If we are looking for something filling or light, even if we want to eat something sweet. Then, today, this guide will also show the best Salvadoran restaurants near me.

How to find Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi?

We can download five mobile applications on our Android or IOS devices to find different Salvadoran restaurants in the United States of America. Moreover, these are the ones mentioned here:

Google Maps.





1: Google Maps

There is a vast variety of restaurants on Google Maps. It is famous for a known mobile application known as Google Maps. Moreover, it is often unnecessary to download since Android devices come with it. There, we can find addresses of different places, especially if we are looking for a restaurant for Salvadoran food.

2: TripAdvisor:

Tripadvisor is an exciting application, and it works as a travel guide. Then, it is one of the most popular apps in the world. Currently, many restaurants have the logo of this App. Moreover, this guide will help us find the best hotels, restaurants, and tourist places.

3: Yelp

It is an excellent application to find Salvadoran restaurants. This App is the best application by Yelp. This App lets us locate businesses, bars, hotels, and restaurants. In addition, we can specify the hours’ prices among many other characteristics. However, this app lets all tourists make reservations and lets us know the different sites’ promotions.

4: Foursquare

Another app is Foursquare. It is one of the best applications, and the public uses this App. Moreover, the tourist app allows all the users to find different places where they can go to enjoy excellent dishes, shop and enjoy a good drink, or even go to a party as well.

5: OpenTable:

Here, we can find Restaurants Salvadoran cerca de mi with their respective classifications. Also, it has excellent reviews and recommendations for all the tourists.

The 15 Best Restaurants salvadoreno cerca de mi:

Mi Little El Salvador Restaurant.

Bahía Restaurant.

Coffee Omelet.

El Rinconcito Café.

El Salvador Restaurant.

Mama Rosa Pupuseria.

El Rincón Salvadoreño.

Monse’s Pupuseria.

Pupuseria and Salvadoran Restaurant.

El Papaturro Restaurant.

Restaurant El Salvadoreño.

El Salvador Restaurant 2.

Los Cabos The Pupusa House.

San Salvador Restaurant.

Salvadoran Restaurant.

1: Mi Pequeno El Salvador Restaurant—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

It is one of the most famous Salvadoran restaurants in New York City. Moreover, we can enjoy many excellent dishes for lunch or dinner. Their best main dishes start with salpicón, chorizo, fresh ribs, and guacamole. Also, we can find a delicious lobster soup accompanied with white rice as a starter.

If we are craving a sandwich, we can try the delicious bread with roasted breast or, failing that, with meat, accompanied by some delicious fries. Moreover, there is a very conversational and traditional dish of the Salvadoran community. Then, it comes accompanied by cheese, refried beans, jalapeño, and roast pork.

Additionally, it is one of their excellent desserts, and it is known for “empanadas de leche.” They are prepared with sweet bananas and condensed milk. Moreover, we must keep the traditional Salvadoran quesadilla. This excellent Salvadoran restaurant can be located at the following address:

94 – 16 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, New York, 11372. We can contact them at (718) 672 0853.

2: Bahia Restaurant—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

We can find the best and tastiest pupusas in New York. Moreover, we have the advantage of choosing the filling of our preference. It includes several of them. As options, they are offering some chorizo, cheese, and strips of pig.

Also, wecan enjoy roast meat dishes, pork chops in sauce, pan-seared chops in addition to chicken marzala with mushrooms or sautéed chicken in lemon sauce, and all the yummiest dishes recommended for lunch or dinner. Moreover, if we are seafood lovers, we will find dishes with this delicacy, among many more dishes.

Located in:

690 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York, 11211. This hotel’s contact number is (718) 218 ​​9592.

3: Coffee Omelette—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

It has the best and most pleasant atmosphere. Many people often come to this restaurant very often. Also, it has the best famous dish known as the Salvadoran chicken sandwich. Furthermore, this restaurant is served with plantains and refried beans. Another of their popular dishes is the Salvadoran meat soup, which is characterized by minor cuts that we can see in the meat. Also, it is accompanied with rice and vegetables.

Moreover, we can delight in the delicious Salvadoran breakfast, which consists of bananas, eggs, tortillas, and some refried beans. Moreover, we can find the Tortilla Café restaurant at 210 7th SE, Washington, DC, 20003, and we can contact them at (202) 547 5700.

4: El Rinconcito Cafe—-Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

One of the best restaurants where we can enjoy pupusas stuffed with pork, cheese, zucchini, and refried beans, among other delicacies, is El Rinconcito Café. Moreover, it is located at 1129 11th St NW, Washington. DC, 20001.

Also, we can enjoy delicious carrot salads in tomato sauce, cabbage, and red onion. Mixed vegetables, French fries, white rice, or refried beans accompany meat, chicken, or seafood dishes. Moreover, it is a traditional sweet dish, and they are offering a fried banana cake with Spanish cream.

5: El Salvador Restaurant—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

In the United States, we can find Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi. They offer fresh seafood, giant shrimp soups, and meals prepared with meat, chicken, or eggs. Moreover, as desserts, they offer a delicious tiramisu and homemade flan. This hotel is at 1910 W Irving Blvd, #2, Irving, TX, 75061. Their contact number is the following: (972) 259 8059.

6: Mama Rosa Pupuseria—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

If any of you love banana dishes, this Mamá Rosa Pupuseria restaurant is ideal. Moreover, this hotel is located in Houston. Moreover, it offers an excellent dish prepared with ripe plantains and accompanied by some refried beans and sauce, either tomato or mayonnaise. Furthermore, this ideal restaurant is an excellent option for banana lovers. Suppose this hotel comes to Salvadoran breakfasts since we can find dishes with eggs, ham, tomatoes, onion, and delicious peppers. And, if it is a delicious lunch, you should try the seafood soup. This hotel has served with white rice and tortillas as a side. Its location is 3631 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX, 77057.

7: The Salvadoran Corner—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

If we are looking for a delicacy but something unforgettable, then El Rincón Salvadoreño is the best restaurant for everyone. We should visit and enjoy a delicious roast meat or chicken, accompanied with salad and white rice. And, there are leaving aside the chicken sandwiches with cheese, tomato and lettuce. Moreover, they served with ham sandwich with cheese and tomato.

They are also offering the best dances. This hotel contains eggs, cheese, sour cream, beans, chicken, and meat. Its location is at 2100 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA, 30062.

8: Monse’s Pupuseria—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

We can find the best pupusas at Monse’s Pupuseria. Depending on our tastes, we can delight ourselves with the tray of pupusas. Moreover, they are filled with cheese and any other accompaniment you decide. We can enjoy the delicious meat, cheese, and vegetable empanadas or the traditional Salvadoran tostadas made of meat.

However, we can find grilled eggs for breakfast, accompanied by mozzarella cheese, French fries, and chorizo. This excellent restaurant is at 115 S 25th St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904.

9: Pupuseria and Salvadoran Restaurant—Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

The most fabulous Salvadoran restaurant is Pupusas. Its name may indicate that it is helpful for those who are bilingual. But, if we speak Spanish, we should be fine since it has a trained staff. It will help us when placing our order.

The pupusas here have pork, cheese, and different vegetables. Also, we can enjoy different drinks, whether smoothies or juices with fresh fruits.

La Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreño located at 1029 9th St, Greeley, CO, 80631.

10: El Papaturro Restaurant–Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

If we are in Albuquerque, we recommend visiting the restaurant known as El Papaturro. We can enjoy different dishes, from soups, pupusas, and main dishes. Moreover, at the same time, we can have the opportunity to try their Salvadoran pastries made with fried corn flour or the delicious Salvadoran quesadilla. This hotel comes to enjoying a good dessert.

This restaurant is at 6601 4th NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87107. Contact them at (505) 503 1575.

11: Restaurant El Salvadoreño–Restaurantes Salvadoreno cerca de mi

It is one of the best Salvadoran restaurants, and we loved it. This restaurant located in Santa Fé is El Salvadoreño. Moreover, this restaurant is ideal for enjoying and trying dishes from the sea and land. Furthermore, they are served with fried fish or pork rinds with stewed beans. To delightful taste, with a good breakfast, El Salvadoreño brings us delicious dances stuffed with eggs, cheese, refried beans, and tomatoes. Otherwise, we can enjoy an excellent pineapple and melon smoothie.


Restaurant El Salvadoreño located at 2900 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fé, NM, 87507.

12: El Salvador Restaurant:

It is one of the most generous and traditional breakfasts in Farmersville. Moreover, this restaurant is made with sweet grilled bananas and egg whites. Moreover, it’s located at 481 W Visalia Rd, Farmersville, CA, 93223.

13: Los Cabos The Pupusa House:

Generally, we can taste excellent Salvadoran food in this restaurant. Moreover, you can find delicious ceviche, shrimp salad with avocado, and stewed chicken with fried rice and chopped carrots.

Restaurant located at 700 E California Ave, Bakersfield, CA, 93307. Their contact numbers are (661) 323 5600.

14: San Salvador Restaurant

After having memorable and delicious food, we spent a fun and excellent night in Las Vegas. Moreover, it’s time to stop at the San Salvador Restaurant to enjoy sausages, fried plantains, eggs, refried beans, and cream cheese. And if we are looking to enjoy a good appetizer as well. They offer their guests chicharrón tamales with fried yucca or tomatoes. Its location is 2211 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV, 89104.

15: Salvadoran Restaurant

We are having some on vacation in Las Vegas, so we should not miss going to the Salvadoreño Restaurant, where we will enjoy simple but tasty dishes with rice, salads, roast meat, and fried plantains. In addition to its excellent fresh cream, the strawberry or chocolate sundae is always best and yummy.

Its location is at 720 N Main St, Las Vegas, NV, 89101.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: Monse’s Pupuseria is what are they serving to their guests?

Ans: We can enjoy the delicious meat, cheese, and vegetable empanadas or the traditional Salvadoran tostadas made of meat. Moreover, we can find grilled eggs for breakfast, accompanied by mozzarella cheese, French fries, and chorizo.

The Final Words:

Restaurantes salvadoreno cerca de mi is the most popular search topic. It is a most tempting food chain of Spanish cuisine. These restaurants serve the most yummy and fantastic food for everyone in the United States of America.


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