Who is Liver King wife? Meet Barbara Johnson, the Liver Queen

Who is Liver King wife? Meet Barbara Johnson, the Liver Queen

Have you ever wondered who the wife of the famous TikTok star Liver King is? Look no further! 

Meet Barbara Johnson, also known as Liver Queen. 

She is the beloved wife of Liver King, often seen in the background of his videos on TikTok and Instagram. As Liver King’s wife, she is an integral part of his success and is an example of true partnership and support. 

Read on to learn more about Barbara Johnson, the Liver Queen!

Who is Liver King Wife?

Liver King, also known as Chris Lopez, is married to Barbara Johnson, better known as Liver Queen. Not much is known about Barbara Johnson’s personal life other than that she’s been with Liver King for a few years. She can be seen in the background of some of his videos on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

Barbara Johnson has a petite frame and is usually seen sporting a vibrant and stylish wardrobe. She advocates for body positivity and inclusivity, often promoting self-love and self-care on her Instagram account. Liver King Wife also encourages veganism and eco-friendly products. 

She has a close relationship with her husband, Liver King, often accompanying him on business trips and public appearances. Although she lacks professional credentials, she firmly believes in hard work and dedication. Her followers often praise her for her positive attitude and willingness to help others achieve their goals.

Liver King Wife’s Biography/wiki

Barbara Johnson, better known as Liver Queen, is the wife of Liver King. She is originally from Warsaw, Poland, and is of white ethnicity. Barbara holds a Polish-American nationality. She attended Stony Brook University in New York City, United States.

Liver Queen is a social media personality and influencer with over 2 million followers on her TikTok account. She posts videos about her life with her husband, Liver King, and other topics. Barbara also has a YouTube channel where she uploads content related to fashion and lifestyle. She also has an Instagram account where she shares photos and videos with her followers.

Apart from her online presence, Barbara is also a successful entrepreneur. She owns a business that sells clothing, accessories, and other items related to liver diseases and health awareness. The proceeds of her sales go towards funding research and education on liver disease. The World Health Organization has recognized her work.

Liver King Wife’s Family

Barbara Johnson and Liver King have two sons, the Savage Liver Boys. These boys are often seen in the background of their parents’ social media posts. 

They are following in their footsteps when making fun TikTok videos and content. The couple has not yet revealed the names of their sons, but they appear to be a tight-knit family that loves spending time together.

The boys seem to enjoy entertaining their fans on TikTok with their videos and appearing in their parents’ videos. Despite their young age, they have already become integral to the Liver King and Liver Queen’s online presence and are likely to continue growing their fanbase. 

They are the cutest members of the family and can brighten any viewer’s day with their adorable antics.

Liver King Wife’s Husband/boyfriend

Liver King is married to Barbara Johnson, the Liver Queen. The couple first met in 2004, and after dating for a few years, they tied the knot in a private ceremony. Together, they have two children, Stryker and Rad. 

Stryker, the eldest of the two, was born in 2007, while Rad came along in 2009. Their kids appear in their parents’ videos on TikTok and Instagram. They often make cameos while their father is working out or lifting weights. Barbara Johnson even helps him prepare various meals and snacks composed of animal organs, which her husband is passionate about.

The couple has a strong bond that has been unbreakable since their marriage. They have established themselves as fitness influencers on social media, inspiring others to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Barbara Johnson is known for her kind and encouraging words that she always shares in her husband’s posts.

Liver King Wife’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Liver King wife

Barbara Johnson, aka Liver Queen, is a stunning woman with an incredible physique. She has dark brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. 

Her body measurements in inches are 32-28-32 (81-71-81 centimeters). 

Liver King Wife also likes to keep her body in shape and exercises regularly. She wears clothing that flatters her figure and looks fabulous in any outfit. She often accompanies Liver King Wife on his travels; fans love seeing them together. Her beauty and poise make her the perfect wife for Liver King!

Liver King Wife’s Career

Liver King Wife, aka the Liver Queen, is a dentist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. After graduating from Stony Brook University, she began working at the Dentiq Dentistry clinic in Texas, USA. As a Polish-American dentist, Johnson worked there for some time before leaving her job to join forces with her husband and establish Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest company. 

The Liver King Wife and her husband then began selling nutrition supplements to support their fitness company’s nine tenets of ancestral lifestyle. These include getting sufficient restful sleep, eating organic food, consuming fermented foods, and engaging in regular physical activity. Also, reducing stress, avoiding toxins and processed food, having healthy relationships, and taking nutritional supplements. 

Additionally, Johnson has her own YouTube channel where she shares her journey to health, wellness, and self-care. The track mainly focuses on the topics of nutrition and skincare. It has amassed an impressive following due to its candid advice and tutorials. 

On top of this, Liver King Wife is a strong advocate for self-love and self-care. She often posts about her mental health and well-being journey on her Instagram page, inspiring her followers to live healthier lives. Also, liver King Wife’s career has steadily grown, gaining more fans and supporters daily.

Liver King Wife’s Net Worth

Liver King and Liver King Wife have amassed a considerable fortune through their company, Ancestral Supplements. According to estimates, the company generates over $100 million in annual revenue, significantly contributing to Liver Queen’s net worth. 

In addition to her financial success, she also benefits from her husband’s growing wealth. Liver King’s fame has steadily increased in recent years, leading many to speculate that his net worth will soon skyrocket. Analysts predict that by 2022, he will be worth around $1 million. 

Given their various sources of income, Liver Queen and Liver King are in a strong financial position. The couple enjoys a lavish lifestyle and has been known to splurge on vacations and luxury items. However, they have also demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy, donating generously to charities and other organizations. 

Liver King and Liver Queen’s net worth is significant and likely to grow. As their company generates profits, their financial standing will continue to improve. With careful planning and wise investments, there is no limit to how much money they can amass.

Liver King Wife’s Hobbies

  • Barbara Johnson, also known as Liver Queen, is an incredibly talented and multifaceted woman. 
  • Her hobbies vary widely but revolve around her passion for the arts. 
  • She loves photography, often capturing stunning photos of her husband on his various social media platforms. 
  • She’s also an avid painter with a strong focus on abstract expressionism. 
  • Johnson’s paintings have been featured in several galleries and art shows worldwide.
  • In addition to her art-related hobbies, Johnson also enjoys playing various musical instruments. 
  • She has a beautiful singing voice and loves playing the piano and guitar. 
  • Johnson often posts videos of herself singing and playing her favorite songs on TikTok and Instagram.
  • When she’s not busy expressing her creative side, Johnson loves spending time outdoors. 
  • She loves going for walks with her husband, exploring nature trails, and taking in the sights and sounds of the environment around her. 
  • Johnson also enjoys kayaking, swimming, and occasionally even surfing. 

In short, Johnson is incredibly well-rounded and finds joy in every activity she tries.

Liver King Wife’s Favorite Things

Regarding Barbara Johnson’s favorite things, it’s not hard to guess what she loves most. 

  • First and foremost, she loves being a wife to Liver King and enjoys accompanying him on his various adventures. 
  • She also loves being a mom to their two children. Barbara enjoys the outdoors when she’s not spending time with her family. 
  • She loves camping, fishing, and hiking in her spare time. 
  • Barbara is also a big fan of fashion and style. 
  • She has an eye for finding unique pieces that make her stand out. 
  • Also, she loves interior decorating and always looks for ways to spruce up her home. 
  • She’s passionate about DIY projects and is constantly tinkering with new ideas to keep her space interesting. 
  • Barbara has a love of art and culture, too. 
  • She frequently visits local galleries and museums to keep up with the latest trends. 
  • Also, she loves attending live shows, whether it’s music, theatre, or comedy. 
  • She can often be found dancing in the crowd or laughing at a joke she heard. 
  • Barbara’s favorite pastime is cooking. 
  • She loves trying out new recipes in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavors. 
  • She also enjoys reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows to get inspired by new ideas. 
  • Barbara loves trying out food from different cultures and always tries to incorporate them into her dishes. 

No matter what Liver King Wife is doing, one thing remains constant. Her commitment to her family. Liver King Wife always puts them first and strives to create a happy home environment for them to enjoy.

Fun Facts about Liver King Wife

Liver King wife

Barbara Johnson, known as Liver Queen, is the wife of Liver King. She is often seen in the background of his videos on TikTok and Instagram. Here are a few fun facts about her:

  • Barbara has impressive cooking skills. She often posts recipes on her Instagram page and loves to show off her culinary talents.
  • She is an avid animal lover and owns two cats, Simba and Princess. 
  • Barbara loves to read and has a library at home.
  • She is a fashion fan and loves to dress up for special occasions. 
  • Barbara is also a bit of a travel junkie and loves exploring new places with her husband. 
  • Barbara is very close to her family and spends much time visiting them.
  • Her favorite food is Mexican, which she includes as much as possible in her diet.
  • Liver King Wife loves art and enjoys painting in her free time. 
  • Liver King Wife loves to be outdoors and can often be found playing volleyball or biking around town.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Liver King Wife?

Liver King Wife is Barbara Johnson, also known as Liver Queen. 

What does Liver King Wife do for a living?

Liver King Wife is a model and influencer who uses her platform to promote products and brands. She also creates videos for her followers on TikTok and Instagram. 

Does Liver King Wife have any children?

It is not known if Liver King Wife has any children. 

What are some of Liver King Wife’s hobbies?

Liver King Wife’s hobbies include traveling, fashion, and beauty. She loves exploring new places and discovering recent trends in the fashion industry. 

How much is Liver King Wife’s net worth?

Liver King Wife’s net worth is around $1 million. She earns money through social media platforms, brand endorsements, and other business ventures.


The Liver King has found his true love and companion in Barbara Johnson, the Liver Queen. 

Together, they represent a powerful force in the world of liver health. Together, Barbara and the Liver King will continue to support those affected by liver disease and advocate for liver health.

Liver King and Queen campaigns, fundraisers, educational opportunities, and more ensure everyone affected by liver disease knows help is available.

We are sure that Barbara and the Liver King will continue to positively influence the world of liver health for many years to come.


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