high risk merchant highriskpay.com– All you need to know about it

high risk merchant highriskpay.com– All you need to know about it

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com is a leading name in the E-commerce industry. This company has become a crucial component of many enterprises in this digital era. This company gives the facility of many users to make a merchant account for their various purposes.

 The need for high-risk merchant accounts has grown fast. This company is also giving more businesses options and chances. This also provides its goods and services online. These merchant accounts give companies the ability to provide different payment processing services. 

They also include the ability to accept credit cards and payments online. It is also known as a top supplier of high-risk merchant accounts. They are also serving the requirements of companies and in many industries. In this article, we are going to discuss all the details of this credit-giving company and also concisely discuss all its detail. So, let’s get started here:

What is High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com is a merchant account provider company. This company is offering services to businesses with a history of bad credit. This company also gives credit to those who are considered to be in a high-risk industry. The company is specializing in providing offshore and high-risk merchant accounts. 

Regardless, this company also sees previous credit history or industry. It has a nationwide network. They have links from various processing banks to merchant accounts through a secure credit card processing system. They are offering low rates to merchants so that is why they can make easy payments to keep their business operations running smoothly. Also, they are offering some consumers the convenience of paying for items using a card. This is a typical company. 

Credit card facilities:

high risk merchant highriskpay.com

They give merchant deals with high volume credit card transactions like (concert or athletic event tickets), offshore accounts, retail, or less traditional forms of credit payment, like mail or telephone orders.

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com Applications facilities:

This company accepts applications for all merchant accounts by using email or fax. They can set up a merchant account within 48 hours of receiving the initial application form. They are also eliminating lengthy approval and wait times. Moreover, there is no kind of fee which are associated with applying for a merchant account. 

have onsite equipment set-up and it is also complimentary.It means all merchants who were previously restricted from accepting cash and other credit facilities. They can offer a suite of payment solutions to their customers. They also increase sales volume. 

Finally, this company has a large amount of resources and helpful content. This company is also including some popular financial blog posts, rates, and fees. Also, information about partnership opportunities is provided. The customer service department is always available to answer questions or concerns of their users.

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com Overview

NameHigh Risk Pay
IndustryAccounting, Financial Services
Founded2 April, 1997
Company TypePrivate
Operating StatusActive
Headquarters  Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US
Phone Number800-956-1277
Email IDsales@highriskpay.com
Website          highriskpay.com

How does High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com work?

Some so many merchants are giving the facility and services. They are providers and place stringent limitations on the kinds of businesses and goods. They are also allowing the facilities to accept,leaving companies vulnerable to account suspensions, termination, and frozen cash. There is an account that can be issued to many merchants. 

They can operate their businesses successfully without worrying about being terminated by a merchant services provider. But, they have experience in high-risk industries. They can give the facilities to those who have high-risk firms to accept payments. This account is created particularly for that multi-purpose. 

These kinds of business sectors have their payment processor. This is permitting to support and they are determined by a set of precise requirements known as a credit policy. Due to their processor’s capacity for rigorous underwriting also due diligence, and backing from their sponsor bank, these credit policies differ and have primarily in five key ways.

They have the best processors with higher underwriting capabilities. They can accept more risk and, as a result, they are permitted to board more industry kinds classified as high-risk. 

High-risk merchant company is providing the facility of those accounts which are comparable to conventional merchant accounts. Moreover, they can be linked to payment gateways, virtual terminals, and other platforms for payment technology in this digital world.

What are the Benefits of a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account?

high risk merchant highriskpay.com


High-Risk merchant highriskpay.com is allowing the facility of authenticating cardholders and they have reduced chargebacks. They are made easier ways with the help of adjustable fraud and risk settings in high-risk gateway merchant accounts. They are also providing the facility of IP blocking, browser fingerprinting, historical card database checks, and email matching. They can know past fraud involving cardholders and they are a few examples of advanced fraud tools etc.


Many users of this platform can pay for products online. Many of us are using our money in physical stores. Although, some of us are wanting to pay our bills and payments through self-service channels like our cell phones. So that we can process payments while we are on the road. These gateways can also accept contactless payment methods like EMV (encryption multifunctional chip) and other technology.

International payments:

We can use the easiest option to make overseas purchases quickly and conveniently. We can make payments through high-risk payment gateways. As compared to other payment options, these services and options make it simple for overseas customers to access various products.

Account termination:

Unlike regular processors, they are also using high chargeback rates. They are also using a transaction surge and they won’t put our account at risk of closure. The high-risk payment gateway has higher chargeback thresholds. And, it is built to handle more significant volumes, etc.

What are the types of industries considered to be High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

Before setting up our business, it is the best way to know if it is considered to be a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account. Some industries that may fall into this category are: 

Adult Merchant Account

Debt Collection Merchant Account

Bad Credit Merchant Account

Continuity Subscription Merchant Account

CBD Merchant Account

Credit Repair Merchant Account

E-commerce Merchant Account

Dating App Merchant Account

Firearm Merchant Account

Online Pharmacy Merchant Account

MLM Merchant Account

High Volume Merchant Account

Tickets brokers Merchant Account

Tech Support Merchant Account

Startups Merchant Account

Travel Merchant Account

Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Sportsbook Merchant Account

Nonprofits Merchant Account

Dropshipping Merchant Account

What are the advantages of a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account?

high risk merchant highriskpay.com

  All advantages are given here:

World Coverage ability:

With a high-risk merchant account, we can access the international market as well. It means that we can start accepting transactions across the world via multiple currencies. Our customers could be sitting in China or even in any Timbaktoo then they can order their products in their currencies.

Protecting against some chargebacks:

With the help of a high-risk merchant account, then we may protect ourselves from chargebacks. This increases our market value as a seller or business owner. In case our account crosses the chargeback threshold, we do not need to terminate any account, just contact their service provider agent and then get the chargeback amount increased.

Accepting both debit and credit card payments:

When we are having a high-risk merchant account then it means that we can easily accept both debit and credit card payments as well. Most of their customers prefer paying with a credit card rather than a debit. Especially with international brands and products we can protect ourselves and they may protect customers from fraud.

Higher security benefit:

We must ensure that our customer’s details are safe and secure. High-risk merchants’ accounts need to have higher clearance to run their businesses as well. If it is not present, then we cannot complete online transactions from them. With this higher level of security, our customers and our business are both protected and secure.

Customers are satisfied with their products:

This company provides the best costumes with information about safety, credit and debit payment options, and local currency exchange facilities to their users. So, if any customers are happy then they are getting the products while enjoying hassle-free payment methods and options.

How we can find High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com, and payment processors?

High-risk Merchant’s accounts risk factors are given here:

We should first determine all the elements that we could characterize our company as high-risk and as a high-risk factor. When we do, we can locate all payment processors. Moreover, we can provide their services to companies with similar business risks. It will make it simpler things to find a payment processor.

Read the contract with a suitable processor:

After determining all risk factors, we must pick a few payment processors and methods. We can examine their contracts as well. It will enable us to learn the standards by which they can classify high-risk merchants. Once we are aware of the requirements, then we will be able to tell right away if a particular payment processor fits the payment method or bill.

Being open and honest from the start:

Undoubtedly, we are finding a payment processor that will work with a high-risk shop. It can take longer. However, they do not authorize misrepresentation to all their payment processor. At last, all the users will find out about it. It can cancel our merchant account altogether or suspend it etc.

We can verify the fees and security standards:

For our company’s protection, our payment processor should be PCI-DSS certified. We can check all the features like anti-fraud and anti-chargeback procedures. We must also be aware of any transaction fees, long-term contract fees, interchange fees, and chargeback fees. They can charge all payment processors. 

Verify the capabilities of customer support:

All our payment processors should provide flawless customer care service. After all, it is to them that all the users will turn if something goes wrong.

What documents do a user need to apply for a high-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account?

high risk merchant highriskpay.com

To apply for a high-risk merchant account, we may need to submit the following documents and these are given here: 

A user must require a valid driving license and Proof of insurance coverage. He should also require some personal identification number (PIN). This is a secret answer when he is using ATMs/Drive-through facilities. These merchant accounts should not contain any personal details such as name, address, or social security number. In case there is only 1 individual ownership and then this clause can be waivered as well.

A user must need some basic business registration information: This includes the following: A usershould need an article of incorporation. The user also needs some partnership agreements. There is also need a for Limited liability company articles. He should need to show all the documents that the business is active and he may have the right to conduct some financial transactions. 

How does a High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account work?

A user can use a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account and this is a transactional arrangement between a business owner and a financial institution. This financial institution is providing the facility of the business owner with the ability to accept payments from the customers. Through their payment processing system, this system includes both credit and debit card clearance. A user must need to pay the fees paid for the services depending on the volume of business done. The user must have transactions completed and then all the risk levels included.

The decision of the type of service and the requirements are at the discretion of the financial institution. Some banks may require us to be operational for a few years before we can be eligible, while some may only give us a high-risk merchant account if we have already faced fraudulent acts against all our business.

Why would business owners be considered at High-Risk due to their High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

Mostly Business owners can be classified as high-risk due to the following factors:

Large transactional volume: 

If a merchant account has a high volume of transactions (at least $20,000 per month or higher than $500 per transaction), users can be considered at high risk.

Has international buyers: 

If some merchants sell their products internationally, especially to those countries that are considered high-risk (excluding the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and EU countries). Then these owners are considered to be high-risk merchants.

New business owners:

If there is a business owner and he is new and he has not processed any payments before or he has a minimal history of processing transactions. Moreover, then these can be considered high-risk accounts.

High-risk industries: 

Even if there is a business owner and he has a spotless record. Then they may be in a high-risk industry as well. That is why these people may be considered to be high-risk accounts. For examples. There are some high-risk merchants and there are subscription-based companies, online gaming, the adult industry, travel agents, and vacation planners. 

Low credit scores: 

If some business owners and he has a low credit score. Then they can be considered also at high risk.

Who needs to use a High-Risk Pay account?

If you have a large volume of business or work in a high-risk field then you should need assistance processing credit card payments method. This payment method is needed. A variety of industries can get high-risk merchant accounts from this high-risk pay company because they have the best expertise in this area. They may deal with firms that have offshore or international interests as well. They have owners with poor credit. Moreover, they have to face other obstacles that may stop them from accepting credit cards, etc.

Then we can create a high-risk merchant account on HighRiskPay.com easily. After approval, we can easily accept credit card payments in 48 hours as well. These company presenters are well aware of how crucial they are. It is used for all companies, particularly risky ones. They may accept and take credit card payments from various clients.

High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com pricing chart and detail:

Now that, we may know almost everything that we need to know about highriskpay.com, it is time for all of us to learn about the pricing of the same system. So, how much does it cost or price? What is the fee and procedure?

If it is something very easy that we are searching for, then we may have found a friend in us. For that, we should take a look at this chart to learn more and also get a better idea from it:

TypeTransaction FeeLowest RateMonthly Fee
Retail Good Credit  (Card Swipe)$0.251.79% $9.95
Retail Bad Credit (Card Swipe)$0.25  2.49%$9.95
Internet Good Credit$0.25                2.19%$9.95
Internet Bad Credit           $0.25              2.95%$9.95
Mail / Phone Order Good Credit$0.25                2.19%$9.95
Mail / Phone Order Bad Credit$0.25                2.95%$9.95
High Risk$0.25              2.95%$9.95
Adult Merchant$0.50                2.95%$9.95

What is the expertise system at High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

This company is indeed providing all their users with a lot of things and it is the right time that we will tell you about their expertise and system. Here are some of the things that we may need to know about:

ACH Processing system:

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This ACH is one of the best features or expertise of this company. This company is ensuring the smooth process of electronic checks and processing systems. Businesses of various types and in high-risk industries should also pay particular attention to the value offered by ACH processing.

Instant Approval system:

This high-risk pay company is also giving the best things that make Risk Pay so popular and on top of above from other companies. It is the fact that it is approving the application almost instantly.

Chargeback Prevention Program

high risk merchant highriskpay.com

With the help of this company, we can reduce the chargebacks by nearly 86%. They are also providing an immediate alert. They are also the cardholders who file a dispute against the merchants. So, we can say that it is also a great way to reduce any kind of fraud and scams as well as recover lost sales.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: What type of businesses can get a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account? 

Ans: It is easy to say that, any business owner can become a high-risk merchant account holder. He may have a high-risk business or he may be start-ups a new venture. No business is pushed aside.

2: How long before a user can use his high-risk merchant highriskpay.com account?

Ans: It normally takes between only 24-48 hours to activate the high-risk merchant account. The user should post activation setting up and then they get shipments are immediately approved. 

3: What if a user has a history of Bad Credit?

Ans: Even with bad credit history, a user can get a high-risk merchant highriskpay.com account easily.

4: How does a user receive the payment?

Ans: The payment from the various customer is directly transferred into their checking account. The amount is usually transferred within 2 working days.

5: What are the advantages of a High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com account?

Ans: World Coverage:

Protecting against Chargebacks:

Accepts both debit and credit card payments:

Higher security:

Customers are satisfied

6: What are the industries which are related to High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

Ans: Adult 



Online dating 


Debt collection 

E-cigarettes, Vape shops, and CBD 

Multi-Level Marketing 

The Final Words:

High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com is the best and most convenient system of credit system. At this time, every online business must choose a payment processor or system for their users and customers. Moreover, if we are regarded as high-risk merchants, then it may be more challenging to discover the proper one. With accurate information and awareness of this kind of processing system, we can choose a payment processor that is appropriate for our company. We should also offer a beautiful payment experience for our valuable clients.


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