Who is Ken Goldin wife? Netflix and legendary businessman

Who is Ken Goldin wife? Netflix and legendary businessman

Ken Goldin is a legendary businessman and pioneer. Also, Ken Goldin is the best at auctions in sports collectibles and specializes in sports cards and memorabilia. Moreover, he founded Ken and then served as its executive chairman. He has a net worth of over $55 million and is well-known for selling over $1 billion of memorabilia. Also, Ken is the proud father of Laura Goldin. Ken Goldin wife is a lovely 23-year-old, and he named after his daughter as well.

Moreover, Ken and Jenn have two girls and a son as well. He has become a new sensation in Netflix’s series King of Collectibles as The Goldin Touch. Also, Ken has been brought back into the spotlight.

Table of Contents:

  • 1: Who is Ken Goldin Wife?
  • 2: Ken Goldin married life
  • 3: Ken Goldin wife and children:
  • 3.1: Laura as a grown daughter:
  • 4: Ken Goldin wife marriage:
  • 5: Ken Goldin wife and business:
  • 6: Ken Goldin wife Career/Business:
  • 7: Rise to reputation—Ken Goldin wife:
  • 8: Ken Goldin wife net worth:
  • 9: Ken Goldin wife, Social Life:
  • 10: Interesting facts:
  • 11: FAQs
  • 12: The Final Words

1: Who is Ken Goldin Wife?

Ken Goldin wife

Ken’s wife’s name is Jenn Goldin. She is the wife of Ken. Moreover, Jenn has a licensed clinical psychologist as well. Furthermore, Mrs.Ken has led Palm Beach Women’s Consulting. However, earlier in her career, she worked as a consultant for many organizations.

Ken has also avoided talking about his wife in public as well. Meanwhile, Goldin constantly posts pictures of his wife on social media.

Other than that, this beautiful couple has been married for some time, and there is no specific wedding date known to us.

2: Ken Goldin married life:

Ken and Jenn have been dá¼€ting for some time, and their marriage is not unexpected. Moreover, Ken divorced his first wife, and then his wife is technically his second. Also, this couple has two children together as well.

Therefore, his first wife also gave birth to a daughter. Although Ken rarely discusses his relationship with Jennifer, his wife is often seen at various shows and events. Many photos of this couple give the impression that this couple is much in love with one another.

3: Ken Goldin wife and children:

Ken Goldin wife

He has three children, and their names are Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. Moreover, his ex-wife’s name is Laura. Also, his daughter Laura appears in the Netflix show King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

His kid’s ages are only 9 and 5. But rather than, so they’re still young. In 2023, his daughter Laura introduced to Netflix audiences in an original series titled King of Collectibles.

3.1: Laura as a grown daughter:

Ken and his grown daughter have a great relationship on-screen, always joking with one another. However, there is a breakup between his ex-wife. On that show, the couple has discussed his proposal to her mom. Therefore, Jennifer is back during his previous trip to Puerto Rico.

4: Ken Goldin wife marriage:

He married Jenn Goldin in the early 1980s. Moreover, the couple has been together for almost four decades. Also, the couple have two children, a son and a daughter. Besides, both of the children have gone on to have successful careers.

Afterward, this cute couple is known for their philanthropic work in their community. Additionally, the couple has often seen at charity events and fundraisers. Moreover, Ken and Jenn are also known for their generosity and have donated millions of dollars to various causes throughout their marriage.

5: Ken Goldin wife and business:

Goldin is a successful businessman and entrepreneur as well. Moreover, Ken is the founder and CEO of several companies, including a hedge fund and a real estate investment firm.

Also, Ken is an active philanthropist and has involved in numerous charitable organizations.

His wife is also an accomplished businesswoman in her own right. Therefore, Jenn is the co-founder and president of a financial services firm. Moreover, his wife is also a board member of several non-profit organizations. However, this couple is known for their shared commitment and giving back to their communities.

6: Ken Goldin wife Career/Business:

As we all know, Ken is the most well-known authority on sports collectibles in the entire globe. He belongs to a New Jersey-based Company founded in 2012. Moreover, Ken is owned by Goldin business and auctions. Then, he plans to sell all sports-related memorabilia as well. Furthermore, Ken is adapting his real world of the uncommon sports website into a Netflix series.

7: Rise to reputation—Ken Goldin wife:

His company sales increased to around $20 million in 1989 and $100 million in 1994. Moreover, Ken has started a new business with the same goals under his name. Also, he has gained media attention by appearing on several talk shows.

Soon, he handled on-air TV sales and ran auctions on social media sites like Instagram. Overall, he has more than one million followers on social media platforms.

He also serves as the chairman of the Camcare humanitarian organization as well. Generally, he has a typical job in the business world. Moreover, Ken frequently appears as a guest on networks like Fox Business, CNBC, and many more features.

His father’s name is Paul. He also co-founded Score Board Incorporation in 1986 to launch his career. Therefore, Bloomberg is such a site, and this claims that the father-son team offered to sell signed memorabilia from players under contract.

8: Ken Goldin wife net worth:

In 2022, he auctioned over $300 million in sales, up from just under $1010 million in 2020. In addition, his net worth was about $50 million as well. Moreover, his company’s website claims that selling the artifacts and negotiating with customers generates an annual commission ranging from $10,000 to a maximum of $249,999.

9: Ken Goldin wife, Social Life:

Goldin has active accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Also, he is using his account @kengoldin. Moreover, Ken has a verified Instagram account with 1,273 and 103K followers. Also, Ken has 19K followers on Facebook and has a recent post from him on April 30, 2023.

On LinkedIn, Ken is reachable under his name and identifies as the founder and executive chairman. Goldin has connected to over 500 people, and many users have extensive job descriptions.

10: Interesting facts:

There are no tattoos on his wife. Moreover, Ken posts his images and little films on his Instagram, and he has 103K followers. Likewise, his favorite sport is Baseball.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do we know who is Ken Goldin?

Ans: Goldin is a well-known American businessman and inventor. Moreover, he is the owner and the company’s CEO. He also became the founder of sports business and executive chairman in January 2012.

2: When was Ken Goldin born?

Ans: He is Fifty-seven years old.

3: Who is Goldin’s wife?

Ans: Jennifer Goldin is his wife.

4: What race does Goldin belong to?

Ans: His nationality is an American.

5: From what country is Ken Goldin?

Ans: He is a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in the United States.

The Final Words:

Ken Goldin wife is very famous due to her husband. Moreover, both couples have had a wonderful married life throughout the years. Also, Jenn and Ken have two kids as well. Therefore, Ken has some renowned businesses and organizations.


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